Mountain Bike Holidays in Spain


Are you considering taking a holiday and the type of activities to you may enjoy? There are many recreational activities available for you if you want to enjoy your holiday in Spain. One of such holiday activities is biking, and not just the ordinary riding of bicycle experience, this is mountain biking.

One of the greatest inventions and innovations that changed the course and lifestyle of ancient man is the bicycle. With your bicycle, you can be able to access some remote areas that the motor cars and other vehicles cannot navigate. Mountain biking is an exercise that will help you to undertake an adventure to explore the beautiful terrains of the Spanish mountainous regions like the Maestrazgo Mountains located in the Northern part of Castellon. Mountain biking tours have taken a new dimension with the discovery of some local road routes, which are the origins of this exercise and adventure. You will see cool, smooth surface and minor routes with a theatrical up and down movement in a wonderful and serene environment.  A Bike Inn is about 4 minutes from the brand new outdoor cycle velodrome, Benicarlos. 

Get ready to enjoy your holiday mountain biking tours as you cycle down from the mountain ridge to the virgin beaches in the Serra de Irta Natural Park. This is just a cool way to enjoy your Mediterranean holiday with a good experience of relaxation and fun during the tours.

Do you want to experience and enjoy the rural life of the Spanish people? The Catalan village of Spain is just the rural vicinity you will find around the mountains exhibiting the rustic and authentic lifestyle of the Spanish people.  The Mediterranean beaches, specifically the beaches of Costa Azahar are just some minutes away from the Maestrazgo Mountains featuring a village called Calig, which has a ring road of routes and trail pathways   bursting forth in every direction. The mountain bike can help you to easily, access many artistic and aesthetic values and sceneries of the Spanish people like the historic San Mateo, village fiestas, mountain castles, Iberian ruins, and a 5,000-year-old paintings cave in Valltorta.


Mountain bike holidays are usually organized in the rural environs of Castellon in Valencia. If you are from that suburb, you will literally be a biker and an adventurer in the Mountain biking tours organized for tourists visiting the area. You are going to find out that mountain biking have been prominent and popular in the area for many years. There are various amazing and remarkable sceneries to be remembered during your tour on this mountain like the Iberian mountain goats, which you will see on the MTB routes in Valltorta, the green vegetation surrounding the mountains, the cool and serene environment and the rustic lifestyle of the Spanish people.


Despite the interesting and fascinating features of mountain biking adventures, there are still a lot of challenging and difficult tracks and terrains in the Maestrazgo Mountains.  You will see some rough and sandy routes that will not be easy to tour with your mountain bike.