Hire A Camper Van On The Isle Of Wight

Hire A Camper Van On The Isle Of Wight

Have you been to the Isle of Wight for a classic camping experience? The Isle of Wight is one of the best places in the world where you could go with your family to enjoy your vacations.  Many attractive features will make you enjoy a memorable camping experience like the water sports, cycle paths, footpaths, beautiful beaches, walking, cycling, and sailing. There is a campervan holiday experience for family, friends, for two persons, and everybody.

The island could be accessed using the cars, catamaran, hovercraft, and ferry. It is located in Britain and the most peaceful and pleasant part of the nation, good for exploration with a campervan. There is an overwhelming urge for visitors to always, come back to the island for holidays. You will be amazed and thrilled with the attractive and picturesque sandy beaches, rough and rocky coastlines where you will park and relax. You will enjoy adventures on regular trains that take off from the Waterloo in London to the Isle of Wight in less than two hours while the hovercraft transfers you from the Red Jet Terminal to the island without hassles and delay.

Do you want to hire a camper van on the Isle of Wight? You will see a range of luxury campervans on the island that you can hire. Some of the campervans that will help you to enjoy your tour in the Isle of Wight are Ermintrude, Milo, Our happy campers, Compton, and others.

  • Ermintrude

This campervan has the capacity to accommodate two adults and a child. It is the type 2 automatic Volkswagen campervan of 1978 with a pop-top roof and stripy red and white color. There is 2015 upholstery and an interior design making it strikingly beautiful.

  • Milo

You will see this campervan with the capacity to accommodate two persons. It is the earliest bay with a tin top and a full width rock and roll bed for you to sleep.

  • Our happy campers

Do you want a jolly ride with an insurance cover? This campervan is pleasant and full of fun with a well-equipped kitchen where you can find any type of utensil to prepare a meal. There are also towels, bike rack, beddings, and tents. Moreover, as a camper on this van, you have an insurance protection that you enjoy as a bonus.

  • Compton

This campervan with a new 2014 engine has a pop-top roof with a rock and roll double bed stage where you can sleep comfortably. It is a 1975 Devon van.

There many benefits that you can enjoy as a camper like a full comprehensive insurance, a delicious welcome cake, fresh linen and towels, and much more.