Kerry Vale In Shropshire Now Running Wine Tours Around Their Historic Vineyard

Kerry Vale In Shropshire Now Running Wine Tours Around Their Historic Vineyard

The Shropshire vineyard has a lot of interesting and fascinating experiences to offer you during your tours. Nadine is willing and ready to anchor you on this adventurous encounter with exciting and captivating scenes and sights like an enjoyable afternoon tea, a cheese and wine sampling experience, and a fascinating tasting and savoring tour at Kerry Vale.  You will also enjoy an exclusively entertaining and enlightening adventure of the Shropshire vineyard.

The idea to operate Shropshire vineyard started in 2009 in an old blacksmith’s house. There were about 15 ramshackle and dilapidated houses on 6 acres of land, which was bought by Nadine’s parents. These buildings were to be demolished and renovated with an extension in order to give it a contemporary look. There were some household stuffs and belongings of more than fifty years, which they need to dispose of before they could start work.

The house was demolished because of the ramshackle condition of the building an in order to build a classical house. Stones from the old house were used to rebuild and renovate the new house, which is an ancient structure and monument. Therefore, a watch was engaged to supervise the reconstruction activities of the building. There was a plan to plant vineyards in the premises after the reconstruction and renovation processes. The services of consultants were engaged to check for the suitability of a vineyard in the premises and they also recommended the species of vines to be planted. In May 2010, Kerry Vale vineyard was set and ready for business after a group of contractors from Germany planted about six thousand vines. Then, the visitor’s center and shop were commissioned for business in July 2013 during the summer.

Fortunately, Defra administered the Rural Economy Grant, which Kerry Vale received to enable the construction and completion of an exclusive building for vineyard tours, wine tastings and savoring, and sales.   However, it is  a difficult task as we continuously devise ways to make the business vibrant and buoyant despite the fact that Shropshire is not densely populated to generate much traffic to the vineyard.

One of most the memorable events in Kerry Vale’s vineyard has been the discovery of some Roman relics and artifacts like the broach,  a small pottery ball, and scribe. It has been really, exciting as we continue discovering some potteries in the premises.

Furthermore, we hope to develop our own winery in the premises to beat the award winning wine makers at Halfpenny Green Vineyard, our current suppliers. With our conventionally built shop and famous location, we hope to be the best in the industry and to command patronage from all and sundry.